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The Blind Side When We First Meet Michael Oher, He Is One Of Thirteen Children By A Mother Addicted To Crack He Does Not Know His Real Name, His Father, His Birthday, Or How To Read Or Write He Takes Up Football And School After A Rich, White, Evangelical Family Plucks Him From The Streets Then Two Great Forces Alter Oher The Family S Love And The Evolution Of Professional Football Itself Into A Game In Which The Quarterback Must Be Protected At Any Cost Our Protagonist Becomes The Priceless Package Of Size, Speed, And Agility Necessary To Guard The Quarterback S Greatest Vulnerability His Blind Side.

About the Author: Michael Lewis

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Blind Side book, this is one of the most wanted Michael Lewis author readers around the world.

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    FOO BAH FOO BAH 24 7, 365 Days a Year Seriously, doesn t it seem like football is happening year round these days The NFL with the help of ESPN has done a hell of a job making themselves ubiquitous Lucky for me, I love the game Sucks for those who don t, though The Blind Side is a nice, concise slice of today s true American Pastime, and it s the sort of feel good story that will appeal to a broad audience and by

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    On the merits of the story alone, I enjoyed this book Lewis is a very good writer, and he is able to tell a compelling story and educate the less knowledgeable without coming off as condescending, which isdifficult than it sounds The story of Michael Oher is compelling and ongoing , and it s hard not to root for him.That said, I have my suspicions about the altruism at the heart of the story There are too many questionab

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    The Blind Side features two story lines, one traces the evolution of offensive football since the early 1980 s specifically the way it reacted to the way Hall of Fame revolutionized the Outside Linebacker position was played Thanks to Taylor s prowess at rushing the Quarterback, the Left Tackle who protects the QB s blind side quickly became one of the most important, and highest paid positions on the football field.The second s

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    Hoop Dreams detailed the machine built around taking poor black athletes from the inner city and sticking them into primarily white school systems that only cared about those athletes to the extent that they would help their sports teams win The Blind Side concerns itself with a similar story, except Michael Lewis tends to pause breathlessly and exclaim isn t this greatHe admits that the father, Sean, had been born with a talent for se

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    This book has quite a few different stories going on 1 the importance of and rise of the offensive lineman 2 the story of Michael Oher, 3 LT as in Lawrence Taylor of the NY Giants and Bill Walsh football coach, 49er s these are supporting stories amongst othersI heard of the movie and I like football books, so I thought I would enjoy this story about Michael Oher and I did I assumed it was just a story about Michael Oher, which it wasn t I read

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    Lewis writes two stories here One is interesting The other is mildly intriguing and probably not as a big a story as it seems.When telling the story of Michael Oher, a poor black kid from Memphis adopted by a loaded white family and the journey he takes from uncommunicative, unschooled, untrusting child to a succesful lineman starring at Ole Miss it s a good story.When writing about the emergence of the left tackle position in the NFL it was hard not t

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    9 25 09 As a book club read, this was different And as football is not my favorite sport I don t dislike it, but for me it ranks below baseball basketball , I wasn t sure how I was going to like it, but I went in with an open mind It basically alternates between chapters about football player Michael Oher s history the emerging importance of the position of left tackle in the NFL and in college football Overall, a very educational story for me For someone who

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    I read this after seeing the movie version and was amazed that many of the precious details I assumed had been invented by Hollywood writers were real and actually happened The book is mostly about Michael Oher, a homeless black teenager who was adopted by a white family in Memphis who then went on to be a successful football player There are also a few dense chapters devoted to recent changes in professional football and how the player who guards the blind side of a

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    The Blind Side is a book about a homeless teenager who gets adopted by a married couple who sees him on the side of the road and gives him a ride and a place to stay While he is with them he grows fond of them he starts to attend a fancy mainly white Americans go there he only has a couple pairs of clothes He starts playing football but he does not have the best grades in the world, his major is protection His adopted parents use that to an advantage and he become s really go

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    Mixed feelings about this one I m huge NFL fan and Ravens are one of my favorite teams mostly because of Ray Lewis but I didn t know the Michael Oher story until the movie was released I found the Left Tackle NFL history of the book very interesting But I can totally see why Michael himself had problems with how he was portrayed i...

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