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The Maids Lover Anne Percy Lived For Her Secret Trysts With Robert, Viscount Langley, Heir To A Wealthy Earldom And Star Of Queen Elizabeth S Court Only Then Could She Forget Her Life As A Poor Orphan At The Mercy Of Her Noble Relatives And Lose Herself In The Delights Of His Body Every Time They Came Together, It Was Just As Passionate And Wonderful As Their First Encounter But Even Though Robert Seemed To Want Her As Much As She Craved Him, Marriage Appeared To Be One Thing They Couldn T Share.Now The Lovers Are Reunited At The Queen S Christmas Feast Where Robert Vows To Show Anne They Should Never Be Apartand To Give Her A Very Sensual Christmas Eve Surprise. The title is somewhat misleadingone is led to think the heroine must be a maid, cleaning houses Nope She s a Maid of Honor, one of the Queen s ladies in waiting So the two are at equal class levels and I think it takes a way from what could have been a very interesting premise Instead, we have Anne, an impoverished and orphaned lady living with her uncle She s been secretly trysting with her love Robert But because he s an earl and she has no dowry, she knows he won t marry her He claims that he will, but that she needs to be patient She isn t, so she breaks up with him She goes to court to find herself a new man Several months later, he shows up and tempts her all over again This is a short story, even for a novella, so naturally the character s aren t terribly well fleshed out and the plot is very simple But, it felt like a complete story and nothing felt like it was missing Anne, the heroine, was very childish it never really said how old she was, but she acted like a teenager Especially after their little tryst in the woods and the hero explained that he wanted to marry her but that she needed to be patient Then she basically broke up with him right then and there and stomped off Not a mature move Robert was pretty immature himself, flirting with women at court to make Anne jealous and baiting her to make her angry I wasn t a fan of the characters so much Their story was pretty average, I didn t love it, but I didn t dislike it either. linked to The Winter Queen

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