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Open From Andre Agassi, One Of The Most Beloved Athletes In History And One Of The Most Gifted Men Ever To Step Onto A Tennis Court, A Beautiful, Haunting AutobiographyAgassi S Incredibly Rigorous Training Begins When He Is Just A Child By The Age Of Thirteen, He Is Banished To A Florida Tennis Camp That Feels Like A Prison Camp Lonely, Scared, A Ninth Grade Dropout, He Rebels In Ways That Will Soon Make Him A S Icon He Dyes His Hair, Pierces His Ears, Dresses Like A Punk Rocker By The Time He Turns Pro At Sixteen, His New Look Promises To Change Tennis Forever, As Does His Lightning Fast Return And Yet, Despite His Raw Talent, He Struggles Early On We Feel His Confusion As He Loses To The World S Best, His Greater Confusion As He Starts To Win After Stumbling In Three Grand Slam Finals, Agassi Shocks The World, And Himself, By Capturing The Wimbledon Overnight He Becomes A Fan Favorite And A Media TargetAgassi Brings A Near Photographic Memory To Every Pivotal Match And Every Relationship Never Before Has The Inner Game Of Tennis And The Outer Game Of Fame Been So Precisely Limned Alongside Vivid Portraits Of Rivals From Several Generations Jimmy Connors, Pete Sampras, Roger Federer Agassi Gives Unstinting Accounts Of His Brief Time With Barbra Streisand And His Doomed Marriage To Brooke Shields He Reveals A Shattering Loss Of Confidence And He Recounts His Spectacular Resurrection, A Comeback Climaxing With His Epic Run At The French Open And His March To Become The Oldest Man Ever Ranked Number OneIn Clear, Taut Prose, Agassi Evokes His Loyal Brother, His Wise Coach, His Gentle Trainer, All The People Who Help Him Regain His Balance And Find Love At Last With Stefanie Graf Inspired By Her Quiet Strength, He Fights Through Crippling Pain From A Deteriorating Spine To Remain A Dangerous Opponent In The Twenty First And Final Year Of His Career Entering His Last Tournament In , He S Hailed For Completing A Stunning Metamorphosis, From Nonconformist To Elder Statesman, From Dropout To Education Advocate And Still He S Not Done At A US Open For The Ages, He Makes A Courageous Last Stand, Then Delivers One Of The Most Stirring Farewells Ever Heard In A Sporting ArenaWith Its Breakneck Tempo And Raw Candor, Open Will Be Read And Cherished For Years A Treat For Ardent Fans, It Will Also Captivate Readers Who Know Nothing About Tennis Like Agassi S Game, It Sets A New Standard For Grace, Style, Speed, And Power

About the Author: Andre Agassi

Andre Kirk Agassi is now a retired professional tennis player and former World No 1 Generally considered by critics and fellow players to be one of the greatest tennis players of all time, Agassi has been called the best service returner in the history of the game.

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    My old editor always said that I should try to write like anyone, it should be J.R Moehringer So when this book came out even though I m a sub par tennis player I was excited The second piece of information that made me want to read this book was Jara s review After finishing this I

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    Finished Open last night I realize I m way late to the party, this book having come out in Nov 09, but I m not really a non fiction book reader I m still very glad to have read this, Andre s story Why should I, or we, care Why should anyone at all, tennis fan or not, care about Andre Agassi

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    Open was too long but it was entertaining It was sold as a tell all but didn t feel as though he said anything groundbreaking besides that he was insecure about basically everything in his life He only does drugs once and he was pressured into doing so, which is very different than what the media mad

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    I have a checkered past with Andre Agassi Having been a fan of pro tennis since I was a kid, I was intrigued with Agassi when he debuted on the tour I ll even admit to owning a pair of those denim shorts , but somewhere along the way something went astray and it took to the last couple of years of his career

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    One of the best sports biographies I ve read I was a huge Agassi fan growing up, not because of his flair or haircut, but because of his amazing topspin and his tenacity So to get the inside story on where he got both of those, was fascinating The first thing to realize about Agassi, is that like many tennis players,

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    While browsing my next buy, I had stumbled upon this one a number of times, before I finally decided to buy and read it last week Time and money well spent So, what is the book about First, it is not a story of a flawless man or an impeccable athlete It is one of a confused, rebellious and an ever evolving man in search of him

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    5.0 I want you to read this bookOh my goodness, this was one of my favorite reading experiences ever I m not sure I can objectively explain it, but I laughed, I nearly cried, my palms sweated, I was just riveted ask my wife This memoir is so well written Agassi gave effusive praise to J.R Moehringer, who helped him record his history a

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    When Agassi first wins prize money, he phones his father to ask what he should do If he cashes the cheque, it will mean he s turning pro His father s response is harsh but also true You ve dropped out of school You have an eighth grade education What are your choices What the hell else are you going to do Be a doctor So he turns pro at a young

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    In case you didn t know and if you don t know then I probably need to post Yuzu stuff again I m a huge sports fan And just to be clear and completely honest I m the kind of fan who wakes up at 7 on a Sunday to watch a competion with an unreliable streaming I m the kind of fan who plans to stay up til 3 a.m to watch the Olympics this year.I shout at the

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    I am not into tennis at all, but read this book back to back with Lang Lang s memoires, Journey of a Thousand Miles Why Here are the stories of two men whose childhoods were taken away from them by their ambitious fathers who wanted their children to become Number One How each one reacted to their fate was what interested me Once rich an famous, both men have do

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