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Royals Child (The Justice Way, #3) EPUB Royals Child The Justice Way, 3 Sharon Sala Airdomains.co.uk WAS SHE THEIR ANGEL Five Year Old Maddie Seemed To Think So But To Her Exasperated Father, Rancher Royal Justice, Angel Rojas The Beautiful Hitchhiker Who Got Into Their Car That Stormy Night Was Nothing But An Unwelcome Distraction.When Infuriatingly Handsome Royal Opened His Car Door For On The Run Angel That Night, She Thought Of Him And His Adorable Daughter As A Temporary Reprieve But Suddenly The Comfort Of A Little Girl S Embrace Not To Mention That Of Her Rugged Rancher Father Felt Like Than A Makeshift Shelter Was She Finally Coming Home

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    Royal s Child is a very sweet book and features a naughty and adorable 4 year old Maddie and her father Royal Justice Royal was devastated by his wife s death while giving birth and runs the family ranch He adores his daughter and when she is bitten by a spider, is frantic She recovers but she continues on saying that

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    Well written and fast moving This story has a supernatural element in that the little girl, Maddie, sees a woman who sits on the edge of her bed and promises her an angel will come to take care of her No one else can see this woman This naturally freaks her widowed father, Royal, out but, at his daughter s insistence, he ends up

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    3rd book in series It s Royals turn Royal is a single parent of Maddie His wife Susan died at childbirth Maddie is now a 4 year old and she is bitten by a poisonous spider in her sleep on night Royal rushes her to the hospital where she stays for days getting better While their she starts saying that she sees a lady in blue sitting on her

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    Royal is the oldest of the Justice men and I liked him his ways his moods.Now add Maddie to the cake his daughter and you got a sweet lil girl with a few horns on her head but as funny as can be.They meet Angle on a Rainey highway she is running from a a guy a killer at that.She finds herself in Rolls house finds the peace she needs and jus loves M

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    Royal s Child is the third romantic suspense book in The Justice Way series written by author Sharon Sala This one has a paranormal touch.

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    This final entry in the Justice trilogy concerns a young woman who despite all the foster system could throw at her has become an admirable adult who just cannot seem to get a break.Royal Justice is completely wrapped around the pinkie of his little daughter The lonely widower does his best to avoid further heartbreak, ...

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    In book 3 of the Justice Way trilogy we see a glimpse of paranormal and suspense in this warm wonderful story Royal Justice is a single parent of a very lively four year old, with a vivid imagination, so her daddy thinks Angel Rojas is a woman who doesn t trust men T...

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    I must say my favorite character right off the bat is the four year old daughter She is so mischievous and sweet She s a naughty plotter too Anyways, this book was great for a smile, it was really mellow and very sweet It was on of those feel good reads.

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    Ah, the ranch life is for me Some day.

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    I love Sharon Sala s books These 3 books about 3 brothers are great reads and I read them over and over You can t go wrong picking up any of her books.

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