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28 Summers By The New York Times Bestselling Author Of Summer Of Their Secret Love Affair Has Lasted For Decades But This Could Be The Summer That Changes EverythingWhen Mallory Blessing S Son, Link, Receives Deathbed Instructions From His Mother To Call A Number On A Slip Of Paper In Her Desk Drawer, He S Not Sure What To Expect But He Certainly Does Not Expect Jake McCloud To Answer It S The Late Spring Of And Jake S Wife, Ursula DeGournsey, Is The Frontrunner In The Upcoming Presidential ElectionThere Must Be A Mistake, Link Thinks How Do Mallory And Jake Know Each Other Flash Back To The Sweet Summer Of Mallory Has Just Inherited A Beachfront Cottage On Nantucket From Her Aunt, And She Agrees To Host Her Brother S Bachelor Party Cooper S Friend From College, Jake McCloud, Attends, And Jake And Mallory Form A Bond That Will Persevere Through Marriage, Children, And Ursula S Stratospheric Political Rise Until Mallory Learns She S DyingBased On The Classic Film Same Time Next Year Which Mallory And Jake Watch Every Summer , Summers Explores The Agony And Romance Of A One Weekend Per Year Affair And The Dramatic Ways This Relationship Complicates And Enriches Their Lives, And The Lives Of The People They Love The perfect summer read that will have you feeling all sorts of emotions This one reminded me that even when we are quarantined, life still flies by and to hold on to what makes it worth while This is for you, Mal My hardheaded womanCaptivating and poignant, 28 Summers provides a thought provoking look at what happens when the heart s desires are given free rein for three glorious days a year No matter what A storyline this longtime Elin Hilderbrand fan found to be an emotional powerhouse, stacking up as one of her best yet I smiled, I cried, I swooned, I dared to hope My adoration accompanied by one little caveat this book decimated my heart Hilderbrand continues her unwavering love letter to Nantucket between these pages, transporting readers to a cottage set amongst the dunes, on a no name road, where the Atlantic Ocean serves as the front yard The beachfront cottage bequeathed to Mallory upon her Aunt Greta s passing provides the perfect opportunity to escape the grime and disappointment that s been her life in New York City.Mallory s first Labor Day on the island brings guests her older brother Cooper love himand his two best friends, Fray and Jake, for a bachelor weekend A few mini disasters and a host of selfish behavior find Jake and Mallory finishing off the weekend alone There s no denying their chemistry or that their newfound feelings will extend beyond the long weekend Yet, neither Mallory or Jake is willing to make the compromises necessary to explore the possibility of a relationship Promising instead, same time, next year, no matter what On ode to the film Same Time, Next Year, which becomes a part of their annual traditionCan t we just pretend that we re the only two people in the world and that this weekend is going to last foreverWhat makes Mallory and Jake s journey, spanning 28 summers, problematic is the central question it poses is deceit, or going against what s right, acceptable for love s sake Compounding the moral ambiguity is watching Mallory and Jake make one decision after another that pushes the possibility of something than one meaningful weekend a year further from fruition Which means watching as their daily lives unfold with what feels like the wrong people There s a heart wrenching yearning threaded throughout and a desire for the couple to say the hell with it, and really give it go And yet, you have to wonder if the natural ebb and flow that accompanies any relationship would eventually dull Mallory and Jake s shine.It never ceases to surprise my husband what a complete and utter crybaby I am when it comes to movies, news stories, or heck, even commercials Although, I ve found it takes a lot for a book to move me to tears An occurrence I can count on one hand And, I m not sure if pregnancy hormones also played a role here, but I BALLED my eyes out for the entirety of the last chapter I m talking couldn t see, had to stop and blow my nose, sobbing The farewell to these characters proves to be a shattering, although moving, conclusion At the end of the day, 28 Summers is about a couple who finds lasting love on their termsTHANK YOU to Little, Brown and Company for providing a review copy in exchange for sharing my honest thoughts I loved this book so much, I ll be adding a personalized copy to my Hilderbrand collection If you re interested in doing the same, they re available here through Nantucket Book Partners. What will I be talking about during the Summer of 2020 How in her twenty fifth novel, Elin Hilderbrand once again takes me to Nantucket and leaves me an emotional wreck Inspired by the filmSame Time, Next Year,28 Summers tells the tale of Mallory Blessing and Jake McCloud who meet one Labor Day weekend in Nantucket, the chemistry is instantaneous but each person recognizes they are different places in their lives and agree that each year they will reunite in that last week of August As each year passes, their love survives amidst all the changes that life throws in their way I wouldn t have thought this book would have created such tumultuous feelings within but it did A story about an affair between two people shouldn t make me cry but it has I couldn t help but be pulled into Mallory and Jake s lives and I did want them to finally be together As each year passes and Hilderbrand relates the news events that had us talking each of those 28 years, it seemed like time had stopped itself Make sure to use lots of sunscreen because this beach read is going to keep you glued to your towel Thanks to Netgalley and Little, Brown and Company for an egalley in exchange for an honest review Goodreads review published 17 05 20Expected Publication Date 16 06 20 Reviewed on Ashes Books Bobs So many thanks to Libro.fm for allowing me to listen to the advance audio I seriously love Elin Hilderbrand s books on audio This was my third book of hers to listen to in fact, I ve never read one of her books in print There is something so comforting about coming back to Nantucket each summer, a place I ve never actually visited myself, but feel as if I know so well from Elin s books alone During this crazy time in our world it was great to feel as if I was actually able to vacation somewhere, just through listening to this story Not to mention, 28 Summers is ultramodern, starting off with things we re talking about in 2020 and even mentioning the Coronavirus.This was quite a complex book for me It featured a few aspects I wasn t too keen on, but the characters were deep enough to allow me to be openminded and experience the difficulties they were facing without the judgment I d normally hold Essentially the characters were cheating nearly every summer of their relationship, yet somehow their love story seemed to make it I hesitate to use the word acceptable, but it s the most fitting word I absolutely loathe when characters and real people can t find it in themselves to be loyal to one person, yet I was completely invested in this story and Mallory and Jake s relationship.My favorite thing about this book were the flashbacks to years gone by, with references to all the important headlines and pop culture events from the nineties to today There were certain things I hadn t thought about in ages and it was fun to imagine the events that happened in my own life during these times It made me look forward to each year in Mallory or Jake s life as the chapters changed.I could have done without the parallel Kavanaugh case from a couple of years ago making an appearance in this story, along with some of the political fodder I wish the author would have chosen to create fictional issues in the story for Ursula s growing political fame, rather than ones we ve recently been hearing about to the point of being bashed over the head by them I think many of us use fiction as a way to escape from real world issues, so it can become tiresome when we have them in our books as well.Nevertheless, this was an intensely evocative novel that had me reeled in from the get go I knew it was going to leave me feeling incredibly heartbroken, but it wasn t quite as bitter as I expected the story to be The morally ambiguous story was actually quite bittersweet and thought provoking.

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