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A Doctor for the Nanny A Doctor for the Nanny is by Leigh Bale It is a Lone Star Cowboy League novel Since it is an inspirational romance, language, sexual content, and language are all clean It makes for a wholesome read and one you do not have to skip parts that make you uncomfortable It takes place in Texas Although she is loved and accepted on the Stillwater Ranch, Eva Brooks still fills like an outsider She is just the cousin they took in when she had no other place to go She hadn t found her calling yet but knew it had nothing to do with cooking or waitressing She felt like a failure Having her fianc leave her at the altar didn t help at all Now, her latest in food preparation had failed Where could she find her niche Dr Tyler Grainger has returned to Little Horn to fulfill his promise The town had helped him get his medical degree and he had been there for his year to practice pediatric medicine Now he would go back to Austin after Thanksgiving He had come to Stillwater Ranch at the request of Aunt Mamie She was concerned about the baby someone had left on her doorstep claiming it was one of the twins baby One twin was in Afghanistan and one was This book was an easy read and had mystery in it that continues through the series. Dr Tyler Grainger returns to Little Horn, Texas in order to fulfill a vow he made before starting his medical career in the big city But when he runs into Eva Brooks, the girl he used to watch out for when they were kids, everything about her unassuming beauty has him second guessing everything about his future plans.Eva Brooks tries earning her keep as a Nanny for one of the town s most loved families, but her own barrenness acts as a painful reminder that she will never be able to have children of her own And when her feelings for the handsome doctor grow, Eva does everything she can to avoid them, knowing that Tyler would never be happy with a woman who could not provide him with the family he s always wanted.There was such a sweetness about the romance between the hero and heroine in this story Bale did a wonderful job placing the baby in scenes that showed the true motivation of each I started out really liking the story but then the excitement kind of fizzled out for me A lot of issues weren t solved by the end of the story I believe it s a series although it isn t advertised as such The romance could have been b Lone Star Cowboy LeagueBook 2Rancher, Tyler Grainger s desire was to go to medical school so he could help children He couldn t be there for his sister when she died, but he wanted to help as many as he could Since the Cowboy League gave him a scholarship, he thought it only fair that he work in Little Horn, TX for one year before returning to Austin where he d work on researching immunizations and their effects on children So when a little baby shows up on the doorstep of the doorstep of Eva Brooks family s ranch, he checks on the baby s health There he meets his childhood friend, Eva.Eva is not good in the kitchen But she seems to come naturally to caring for children a painful thing since her love for children and the fact she can t have them toys with her heart She falls in love with the abandoned baby son of one of her twin cousins one cousin in oversees fighting in the war, and the other is in a coma so they can t Other than a last name or two, there doesn t seem to be a lot of connection to the Love Inspired Historical part of this continuity series Just that the Cowboy League lasted through the generations The stories are great though Loved how Eve just naturally fell into the nanny j A Doctor For The Nanny by Leigh Bale Eva Brooks doesn t trust men after the man she was to marry left her at the alter when he found out Eva could not have children after a childhood accident and the operation One of her cousins is in a coma and the other is in the war zone, when a baby is left at the family home saying it was his turn to take care of the baby Family doesn t know when one is the father of the baby Only thing left with the baby was his name Eva becomes the nanny for the baby even though she knows nothing about caring for a Epub A Doctor For The Nanny Author Leigh Bale Easyfaroairporttransfers.co.uk A Season For Healing As Little Horn, Texas, Prepares For Thanksgiving, Dr Tyler Grainger Tries To Count His Blessings Returning To His Family S Ranch Brings Bittersweet Memories Of The Sister He Lost But One Thing He Can Be Grateful For Is Eva Brooks, Who S Just Become The Nanny For Her Cousin S Baby Tyler Is Glad To Offer Advice, But When His Late Sister S F Horse Is Stolen, Eva S The One Who Helps Him Cope Tyler S Past Heartache Urges Him To Ride Off Into The Sunset Alone Yet The Holiday Season Offers Hope That The Good Doctor May Have Finally Found A Woman To Heal His Heart. In this Lone Star Cowboy League story, the author s personal experiences add to the realism of some difficult topics that are addressed, which cause the characters to place their trust in the Lord RT Book Reviews, 4 stars.Miniseries It was a really good book but I m still wondering who was doing the thieving

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