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Vows Made in Secret Prudence comes to Hungary instead of her uncle to catalogue an old man s art collection.Note how in post soviet country did Janos manage to keep both his castle and his collection I don tbelieve this line, coming myself from USSR.Prudence meets Laszlo, a half Gypsy ,after 7 years.Laszlo delivers a bomb they are married they had a Gypsy ceremony in England.Prudence neverthought that ceremony was bindingHe is also Janos s only grandson..he is angry with Prudence and fires her on the spot.She returns, ready to work on the collection.Set in a castle in Hungary, it s an interesting story of people coming from different backgrounds.Also,Laszlo kept his true identity from Prudence.Now he is connected to both sides of his heritage.He isautocratic, holds a grudge and wants to punish his errant wife for leaving him seven years ago.I really liked Janos he was delightful Prudence is resourceful, outspoken, believes that both of them made mistakes in the past ,but sheshouldn t be punished 2 Hungarian Gypsy StarsI honoured you with a gift The most important gift a man can give to a woman I made you my wife and you threw it in my faceNot sure if I liked this book The main characters are interesting Not totally likable, but interesting enough to keep me reading Prudence and Laszlo got married in a gypsy ceremony seven years earlier To Prudence, it was a fun and not really real However, to Laszlo it was a big step and he honored Prudence by marrying her Things went a badly not long after, and Prudence walked away from their relationship leaving a hurt and very angry Laszlo.Seven years later, she has taken a job in Hungary for a very wealthy man Not knowing that she would find Laszlo there, and that he would still considers her his wife.What I Loved I loved that Laszlo was part Gypsy and the touches of his heritage that laced through the story, especially the vardo I have always wanted one, so that was a treat for me I loved that Prudence fought Laszlo for what she wanted I loved Janos What a sweetheart What I Didn t I found it hard to connect with the characters Laszlo s mercurial personality made him come across as a spoiled, overgrown toddler The tantrums were just too much And why can t a grown man remember to give a message or pass on information How is he the head of a company This guy did not impress me at all The awkward sex scenes I was so confused Which may be understandable when you tak PDF Epub Vows Made In Secret By Louise Fuller A Woman Scorned Art Expert Prudence Elliot Is Shocked When A New Job Brings Her Face To Face With Laszlo De Zsadany The Irresistible Enigma Who Blazed Through Her Life Like A Comet, Leaving Only Her Shattered Heart In His Wake A Husband Discovered Even Shocking, Not Only Is Laszlo A Secret Millionaire, But Their Youthful Pledging Of Love Was Legally Binding He S Her Husband Prudence Is An Addiction That Laszlo Cannot Fight, But Surely The Heat Between Them Will Quickly Burn Out Except Soon He S Forced To Admit That His Craving For His Wife Is Blazing Out Of Control Wow this book was a tough read I found myself picking it up and putting it down all day to get through it because it just seemed a mess We have perhaps only our 2nd or 3rd Romany Gypsy H that I can recall in this line and the others were from the 80 s I suspect However he s only 1 2 Gypsy the other half is blue blood billionaire Hungarian He was a total and utter misogynistic pig dog for the majority of the book blaming the h for all his faults Despite being married in gypsy law anyway he obviously can t keep it in his troos Also, we never get to find out why he was arrested Inquirin I loved it Half Romany and half Hungarian hero that marries heroine in secret she didn t even know that THAT was her wedding but everything just falls apart because both are too immature and let misunderstandings lead the way in their This book had all the material for a fantastic romance I am not sure what went wrong Too many loose ends left hanging I feel sad for what this book could have been I kind of liked the way it started but it went steadily downhill This story is full of angst and arguing They get married according to his peoples customs and she doesn t view it as legally binding or even real so when they have problems she leaves He is mean and cruel and A parte de historia aburrida, personajes, sobretodo la h, insoportables Hartita qued con lo mucho que repet a Es solo sexo Luego, leyendo algunas rese as comentarios Pues yo ando igual Ni siquiera tengo claro, entre otras cosas, si fueron c libes Reconozco que ya por ltimo me saltaba p rrafos de lo sopor fero que era Pero la autora fue tremendamente ambigua en el caso de la h Porque de repente te da a entender como que no lo fue Citas ocasionales y Celibato virtual Que ya me dir la autora que carajo es un celibato virtual O cuando l le dice que no ha debido tener muchas experiencias sexuales, y ella responde que tiene raz n, que no las ha tenido pero en ning n momento dice que Ninguna Y l fue su primer amante, as que si las tuvo, fue post Heroe Y de pronto lees en otra p gina que no ha habido nadie ni antes ni despu s del H En qu quedamos Pero si fuera solo eso La auto Underwhelming Tried for two weeks to finishgave up at the half point The storytelling was blah The hero too beta The heroine was ok Not enough ingredients to make this book worth finishing. Kind of slow and boring Didn t like this author s writing style I am guessing this is her first Harlequin Presents.

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