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The Surrogate Reading The Surrogate Author Kathryn Mackel Gasengineersinglasgow.co.uk The Perfect Candidate To Carry Their Childwith The Perfect Opportunity To Destroy Their Lives.When Kyle Dolan Convinces His Wife, Bethany, To Hire A Surrogate For Their Last Surviving Embryo, They Allow Themselves To Hope Once Again A Med School Student, Laurel Bergin Seems Perfect In Every Way Problem Is Laurel Bergin Is Really Sable Lynde.As The Pregnancy Progresses, Sable S Dark Secrets Surface, And Her Inner Demons Spill Out Into The Dolans Lives In A Terrifying Encounter, Sable Is Injured And Lapses Into A Coma Now The Dolans Face Psychological And Supernatural Forces They Never Knew Existed.Fearing For Their Sanity, Their Own Lives, And The Life Of Their Baby, They Confront The Surrogate And The Darkness Surrounding Her In A Heart Stopping Climax That Will Keep You Reading Late Into The Night. This was a very good book lots of twists and turns I really had a hard time putting it down and I have read a lot of good ones lately I was almost afraid to read the end that evil would triumph over good Despite this book having a Christian slant, I did not find it to be an overt attack of religious belief The story had strong characters, was fast paced and was a great read. It had interesting parts but was very hard to follow I finished the book but that s just because I always try to finish. Wow This book could potentially scare the bejeebers out of people who are looking for a surrogate What a roller coaster ride.

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