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The Plays Of Hrotswitha Of Gandersheim Roswitha, Also Known As Hrotsvitha Of Gandersheim, Was A Tenth Century German Canoness, Dramatist, And Poet A Remarkable Woman, She Has Been Called The First Western Playwright Since Antiquity As Well As The First Known Woman Playwright She Was Inspired By The Roman Comic Playwright Terence, Who Wrote Six Farces Filled With Disguises, Misunderstandings, And Pagan Debauchery Upset By Terence S Immoral Subject Matter But Also Inspired By His Well Crafted Plays, Roswitha Sought To Christianize His Work By Writing Six Plays Of Her OwnRoswitha Wrote Six Dramas In Latin Two Are Concerned With The Conversation Of Nonbelievers Gallicanus And Callimachus , Two Are Concerned With The Repentance Of Sinners Abraham And Paphnutius , And Two Are Concerned With The Martyrdom Of Virgins Dulcitus And SapientiaThis Edition, Originally Published In , Includes An Introduction By Cardinal Francis Aidan Gasquet An English Benedictine Monk And Scholar , A Critical Preface By The Translator Christopher St John , And Prefaces Written By Roswitha Herself

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Hrotsvitha c 935 c 1002 , also known as Hroswitha, Hrotsvit, Hrosvit, and Roswitha, was a 10th century German secular canoness, as well as a dramatist and poet who lived and worked in Abbey of Gandersheim, in modern day Lower Saxony, a community of secular canonesses Her name, as she herself attests, is Saxon for strong voice She wrote in Latin, and is considered by some to be the first person since antiquity to compose drama in the Latin West.Hrotsvit was born into the German nobility and became a canoness at the Abbey of Gandersheim, located at Bad Gandersheim.Hrotsvit studied under Rikkardis and Gerberg, daughter of King Henry the Fowler Gerberg s brother, the Emperor Otto I, penned a history that became one of Hrotsvit s poetical subjects, in her Carmen de Gestis Oddonis Imperatoris, which encompasses the period up to the coronation of Emperor Otto I in 962.She was noted for her great learning and was introduced to Roman Writers by Gerberg Hrotsvit s work shows familiarity, not only with the Church fathers, but also with Classical poetry, including Virgil, Horace, Ovid, Plautus and Terence on whom her own verse was modelled Several of her plays draw on the so called apocryphal gospels Her works form part of the Ottonian Renaissance.

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    You wouldn t think 10thC plays that essentially boil down to Jesus good, sex bad would be hilarious, but Roswitha manages it and I m still unsure if that was her intention Roswitha is an acceptable version of the author s name and doesn t give me an aneurysm when I try to spell it.Most of the humour comes from the odd delivery, sudden tonal shifts and the borderline soci

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    Was fuer ein Mut gehoerte aber in zehnten Jahrhundert schon allein dazu, ein Drama zu dichten Was fuer ein Wagnis war es darueber hinaus fuer eine Nonne, hierbei den Stoff und das Milieu des Terenz aufzugreifen Es ist ja unglaublich, Hrosvitha kannte ja kein Theater, nichtdestowenigerso unternahm sie etwas damals ungewohnt Neues, womit sie allein stand und allein blieb.

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    Hrotsvitha se luci con el prefacio y la carta a los sabios As pues, si a alguien le agrada mi dedicaci n, me alegrar Pero si, sea por mi torpeza, sea por la tosquedad de mi estilo defectuoso, no agrada a ninguno, a m , sin embargo, me contenta lo que hice Bueno, empecemos.Conversi n de Galicano, jefe de los ej rcitos Cuatro estrellasEsta obra trata sobre el duque Galicano estando enamorad

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    The editor notes that Hrotwitha s plays were performed by puppets in the 19th century France, and that seems rather appropriate I don t mean that as a slight Hrotwitha s non naturalistic plays with their miraculous events and character types would be very well suited to a puppet play rather than a stage.These are interesting as historical pieces, but not so much as compelling drama Callimachus It

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    Quitemos de en medio que son dramas de la poca medieval, que lo Cristiano es ley y que la castidad es la m xima Las mujeres son los personajes principales y las figuras con la moral m s alta, son ellas las que ascienden y los hombres los que son enga ados y condenados al infierno Hay madres solteras, la religi n no est peleada con la ciencia Las mujeres convertidas a la religi n cristiana repudian a sus es

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    Glad to have read it from a Feminist perspective Roswitha literally means Strong Voice of God , and if you look at her writing within an historical framework, she was writing about women s lives, albeit through the lens of Catholicism, when no one else was Her leading ladies, while always looking for spiritual meaning in a confusing medieval world are also strong mothers, daughters, wives and stewards.

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    Christian propaganda, fairy tale like qualities strongly emphasising the need for penitence sometimes for YEARS Wearing hair shirts, happily being put to death Plays set out like a jolly

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    A fascinating perspective into women s roles in Medieval Christianity, written by the first playwright since antiquity Hrotswitha of Gandersheim, a nun at the abbey of Gandersheim, uses popular Christian figures from the Roman Empire to positively reflect the role of women as Christians She documents the conversion of two different prostitutes the conversion of Roman wives and their influence over their husbands and Roman armies and

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    Check it out, tenth century playwriting nun Oh hell yes From Check it out, tenth century playwriting nun Oh hell yes From

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    I m not positive at this late date which of Hrotswitha s plays I read, but I think it was Sapientia.

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