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Shahnameh: The Persian Book of Kings Among The Great Works Of World Literature, Perhaps One Of The Least Familiar To English Readers Is The Shahnameh ThePersian Book Of Kings, The National Epic Of Persia This Prodigious Narrative, Composed By The Poet Ferdowsi Between The Years And , Tells The Story Of Pre Islamic Iran, Beginning In The Mythic Time Of Creation And Continuing Forward To The Arab Invasion In The Seventh Century As A Window On The World, Shahnameh Belongs In The Company Of Such Literary Masterpieces As Dante S Divine Comedy, The Plays Of Shakespeare, The Epics Of Homer Classics Whose Reach And Range Bring Whole Cultures Into View In Its Pages Are Unforgettable Moments Of National Triumph And Failure, Human Courage And Cruelty, Blissful Love And Bitter GriefIn Tracing The Roots Of Iran, Shahnameh Initially Draws On The Depths Of Legend And Then Carries Its Story Into Historical Times, When Ancient Persia Was Swept Into An Expanding Islamic Empire Now Dick Davis, The Greatest Modern Translator Of Persian Poetry, Has Revisited That Poem, Turning The Finest Stories Of Ferdowsi S Original Into An Elegant Combination Of Prose And Verse For The First Time In English, In The Most Complete Form Possible, Readers Can Experience Shahnameh In The Same Way That Iranian Storytellers Have Lovingly Conveyed It In Persian For The Past Thousand Years

About the Author: Abolqasem Ferdowsi

Abolqasem Ferdowsi Persian , the son of a wealthy land owner, was born in 935 in a small village named Paj near Tus in Khorasan which is situated in today s Razavi Khorasan province in Iran.He devotedthan 35 years to his great epic, the Sh hn meh It was originally composed for presentation to the Samanid princes of Khorasan, who were the chief instigators of the revival of Iranian cultural traditions after the Arab conquest of the seventh century Ferdowsi started his composition of the Shahnameh in the Samanid era in 977 A.D During Ferdowsi s lifetime the Samanid dynasty was conquered by the Ghaznavid Empire After 30 years of hard work, he finished the book and two or three years after that, Ferdowsi went to Ghazni, the Ghaznavid capital, to present it to the king, Sultan Mahmud.Ferdowsi is said to have died around 1020 in poverty at the age of 85, embittered by royal neglect, though fully confident of his work s ultimate success and fame, as he says in the verse I suffered during these thirty years, but I have revived the Iranians Ajam with the Persian language I shall not die since I am alive again, as I have spread the seeds of this language

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    Shahnameh The Persian Book of Kings, Abolqasem FerdowsiI have struggled much these thirty yearsin order to keep Persian.Firdowsi Tusi c 940 1020 , or Ferdowsi was a Persian poet and the author of Shahnameh Book of Kings , which is the world s longest epic poem created by a single poet,

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    Shahnameh The Persian Book of Kings Vol 9, Abolqasem FerdowsiThe first modern critical edition of the Shahnameh was prepared by a Russian team led by E E Bertels, using the oldest known manuscripts at the time, dating from the 13th and 14th centuries, with heavy reliance on the 1276 manuscript

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    The history of the world is a history of jerks Starting with Gilgamesh, our earliest epic hero, who makes everyone wrestle him until they are exhausted then goes off to sleep with their wives while they pray to the gods to deliver them, to Achilles sulking in his tent, the Athenians sentencing Socrate

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    This is perhaps the greatest collection of stories I have ever read It is a true dream book if you love wonder stories, myths and heroic epics this is the kind of saga you dream about Every story is better than the one preceding it and it keeps mounting until it reaches heights of imagination and storytelling

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    Shahnameh The Persian Book of Kings, Abolqasem Ferdowsi, Dick Davis Translator , Azar Nafisi Foreword Among the great works of world literature, perhaps one of the least familiar to English readers is the Shahnameh The Persian Book of Kings, the national epic of Persia This prodigious narrative, composed by the poet

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    The olden kings gave us the gift of a peaceful holiday.Calling for wine and musicians at the onset of springThey forgave, they forgot, and drank their worries away.This is a review of the edition of Shanameh published by the Quantuck Lane Press It is an adaptation, as labeled on the first page it is certainly shorter than t

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    Shahnameh The Epic of Persian Kings is a formidable book most translations do not include the entire manuscript Having read parts of the translation by Dick Davis, I was informed that a new translation was in the works, just as I prepared for a visit to Iran during the summer of 2012 quite conveniently taking a mini course on the b

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    Time is beneficial when reading this one.I originally started this July 2017 and am now finished December 2018 That would be a year and a half spent with this book And it s so incredibly appropriate because this book is a chronicle of Persia s history told through the lineage of its kings.This book begins with the Persian creation story wit

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    My literary travels around Iran continued this month with Shahnameh, and boy was it a long trip Clocking in at 854 pages not including glossaries and indices , it took me nearly a month to read, and not for lack of interest the stories are, for the most part, fascinating.Originally, my plan was to sample stories from Shahnameh to get an idea of Per

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    An extraordinary book, I believe that this book has saved my mother tongue respectful language, Persian, it has saved our history All true iranians owe Ferdousi This is the book we need to remember ourselves.

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