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The Last Ditch Epub The Last Ditch By Sandy Mitchell Instaposter.us Commissar Cain Returns To An Icy Planet To Crush A New Wave Of Ork Attacks, But Inadvertently Disturbs A Far Greater Threat Which Has Lain Frozen And Dormant For Centuries In A New Hardcover Edition.Imperial Commissar Ciaphas Cain Returns To Nusquam Fundumentibus To Crush The Ork Attacks Which Have Been Plaguing The Frozen Planet But When His Ship Crashes Into The Wastelands Outside The Capital It Disturbs A Far Greater Enemy, One Which Has Lain Dormant Under The Permafrost Since Long Before The Imperium Came To This World, And Could Now Threaten The Whole Sector Faced With Ongoing Greenskin Raids And Keeping An Over Enthusiastic Novice Commissar Under Control, Cain Must Rally His Men And Confront Whatever Emerges From Beneath The Rapidly Melting Ice

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    The Last Ditch by Sandy Mitchell is the eighth novel in Black Library s Ciaphas Cain series For those unfamiliar with the series, it is about a ostensibly cowardly commissar political officer assigned to a mixed gender unit of the Imperial Guard Set in the Warhammer 40K universe, it follows Commissar Cain as he recounts his biography and how he went from being a

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    Anyone unfamiliar to the adventures of Ciaphas Cain need only know that he is a self serving, incredibly paranoid, skilled liar, who is happy to put as many bodies between him and the enemy as possible in order to save his own skin.The only reason we sympathise with him as a character is because although underneath he may be completely craven, on the outside he has in

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    Light entertainment, but the author begins to fall into a pattern You have to compare to Dan Abnett who writes in the same shared world withor less the same set up But where Abnett have a rich crowd of characters to choose from to support and sometimes overshadow the main character, Mitchell limits himaelf to one, with side kicks This, in combination with the same plot str

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    I adore the Cain novels and this one didn t disappoint There is tons of action and a good dose of humor Unlike so many 40k books, the Cain novels don t seem to take themselves too seriously Can a book take itself seriously Anyway, I love the self depreciating wit of Ciaphus Every bit of The Last Ditch is a page turner, as I found when I finished the book and realized it was 5 a

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    I really quite liked this, and much so than the last book as I have mentioned before The pace is lively and never drags The action is clear and well narrated The particular brand of humor employed by both Cain and Amberley s footnotes is a refreshing contrast to otherwise spartan military verbiage.

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    Another enjoyable escapade featuring Ciaphas Cain They re becoming a little bit formulaic, but Sandy Mitchell s slightly lighter take on the grimdark 40k universe always makes for an entertaining evening s read.

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    Vanquishing the Emperor s enemies with the power of explosions, fire, Jurgen s body odor, and strategic cowardice that happens to be externally indistinguishable from outright heroism It s a Cain book, alright.

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    Ciaphas Cain, hero of the Imperium, is back, this time on the implausibly named frozen planet of Nusquam Fundumentibus The locals have a bit of an Ork problem, and the stalwart women and men of the Valhallan 597th are looking forward to a relaxing bit of counterinsurgency in a suitable for them, at leasy climate Then, naturally, everything goes to hell This is the eighth book featuring Ciaphas Cai

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    This particular story is set during Cain s time with the Valhallan 597th, and details the events occurring when the regiment is dispatched to the iceworld of Nusquam Fundumentibus to help suppress a secondary outbreak of orks following the original invasion which the Valhallan 296th had been part of defeating Of course, the fact that Cain is involved means that nothing is anywhere near as straight forw

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    Another Ciaphas Cain book There are only a few points that might boggle the reader who has not read the previous books in the series, but there are some.Cain is, of course, Cain, recounting his adventures with his usual professions of cowardice and total self interest, with Amberley making her usual comments in footnotes...

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