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The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon The Definitive Story Of, One Of The Most Successful Companies In The World, And Of Its Driven, Brilliant Founder, Jeff Bezos Started Off Delivering Books Through The Mail But Its Visionary Founder, Jeff Bezos, Wasn T Content With Being A Bookseller He Wanted To Become The Everything Store, Offering Limitless Selection And Seductive Convenience At Disruptively Low Prices To Do So, He Developed A Corporate Culture Of Relentless Ambition And Secrecy That S Never Been Cracked Until Now Brad Stone Enjoyed Unprecedented Access To Current And Former Employees And Bezos Family Members, Giving Readers The First In Depth, Fly On The Wall Account Of Life At Compared To Tech S Other Elite Innovators Jobs, Gates, Zuckerberg Bezos Is A Private Man But He Stands Out For His Restless Pursuit Of New Markets, Leading Into Risky New Ventures Like The Kindle And Cloud Computing, And Transforming Retail In The Same Way Henry Ford Revolutionized Manufacturing The Everything Store Will Be The Revealing, Definitive Biography Of The Company That Placed One Of The First And Largest Bets On The Internet And Forever Changed The Way We Shop And Read how he got hooked I am a huge.ca prime user I buy close to everything incl kindle books on.ca Having read this book I can see how this situation has been deliberately plotted for me I am not complaining rules and deserves to, having made shopping and or returning a breeze The book details Jeff Bezos s fanatical attention to improving the customer experience and his willingness to experiment in every direction Some parts of the book get technical in describing essential computer and business issues But no matter this general reader was still fascinated by various human issues integral to the company s growth. Love that it s written by the original ceo of starbucks Great book for inspiration and chasing your dreams the ceo goes against convential wisdom in order to build starbucks into the reality it is today The book features some good business theories such as being first movers, and illustrates how he tackled creating a whole new market in the high end coffee industry Easy and enjoyable read. Bezos reveals a key concept that he applies throughout the organization Everybody I ve talked to about it misses this concept I have a friend who created a division and is managing its phenomenal growth When we last met, this is about all he talked about The secret is in how Besoz, and hence , treats dialogue First, it is for results Second, and the key, he focusses on processes that are rigorous in making sure the same information is shared by all They include tough rules of being concise Few will employ them These are not so obvious in Charles Koch s book but are similar in style Learn this, do this, and you ll have a chance of success at transformation efforts.

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