Thursday, July 28, 2016

Nokia PC Suite Latest Version V7.1.180.94 Free Download For Windows Xp/7/8

Get the Nokia PC suite latest version v7.1.1 for free from this site. The Nokia PC suite is made for the Nokia phone user to share their phones data with any PC or laptop. In this version there are many features added which are unavailable in old versions. This software is use worldwide to access the Nokia phone on the windows operating systems commonly on PCS or laptops. The intrastate feature of the PC suite is that you can use all the features of your phone in your PC by connecting your phone with your PC. You can connect your phone by using the data cable or the second way is your phones Bluetooth if you are unable to connect your phone using the data cable so you can easily use the Bluetooth to connect with the phone. The main features are massaging you can read, write , send or receive a massage in the PC suite like which you can do this on your phone. You can easily share your phones data with your PC through your PC suite. The map is also with the PC you can explore all the world using the maps you can find any street address using the maps and so much more. You can easily update your phone software using the PC suite. If the phones data cable is work so use the original data cable of the same phone so it will gives you a better result.
nokia pc suite free dowload

Nokia PC suite features.
nokia pc suite free dowload
Supported models
  • Asha phones
  • Lumia phones 
  • X series 
  • Symbian series
 You can easily create a ringtone using the PC suite. You can add or remove contacts in your phone directly throw the PC suite and you don’t need to touch your phone for doing this work you can directly add or remove any contact in the PC suite and it will automatically stores on your phone.  The other feature of the PC suite is transfer you can transfer music, images and many other files using the software. The other feature of this software is installation the installation means you can install any app from your PC to the phone through this method.

Nokia PC Suite Download Here.

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