BST Dongle Full Crack Setup Latest Version V3.30.00 Free Download

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bst dongle setup detail:

  • Name-   bst dongle software installer.
  • Type-    product installer.
  • Supported os-  windows xp (32 bit/64 bit), windows vista (32 bit/64 bit), windows 7 (32 bit/64 bit), windows 8 (32 bit/64 bit).
  • Size-    202 mb

The developers of BST dongle release its setup and they submit the free download links of BST dongle setup on different sites. And the download link is also avail in our site for free download. You can use the BST dongle as your flashing box and you can flash your mobile phones use this BST dongle setup. The use of bst dongle is so easy and now in this new version there are so many new features are added with this setup.  You can download this setup wit out paying any thing.  If you want to flash your phone first install the setup on your phone. Once you install the setup on your pc thank just connect your phone with your PC through a DATA cable and just flash your phone easily. If you have to flash your phone you need your phones latest flash file and just install the setup on your mobile using the BST dongle. 
> Added SCL21 {Flashing,ScreenLock,Unlock,MEID,Read/Write EFS,Read/Write QCN} (Beta)
> Added SCL22 {Flashing,ScreenLock,Unlock,(Super)MEID,Read/Write EFS,Read/Write QCN,Write Cert}
> Added SCL23 {Flashing,ScreenLock,Unlock,(Super)MEID,Read/Write EFS,Read/Write QCN,Write Cert}
> Added SCL24 {Flashing,ScreenLock,Unlock,(Super)MEID,Read/Write EFS,Read/Write QCN,Write Cert}
> Added SC-04D {Flashing,ScreenLock,Unlock,IMEI,Read/Write EFS}
> Added SC-06D {Flashing,ScreenLock,Unlock,IMEI,Read/Write EFS,Read/Write QCN}
> Added SC-04G {Flashing,ScreenLock,Unlock,(Super)IMEI,Read/Write EFS,Read/Write QCN,Write Cert}
> Added SC-05G {Flashing,ScreenLock,Unlock,(Super)IMEI,Read/Write EFS,Read/Write QCN,Write Cert}
> Added SM-A800I {Flashing,ScreenLock,Unlock,(Super)IMEI,Read/Write EFS,Write Cert}
> Added SM-A800IZ {Flashing,ScreenLock,Unlock,(Super)IMEI,Read/Write EFS,Write Cert}
> Added GT-S5303B {Flashing,ScreenLock,Unlock,IMEI,Read/Write EFS,Read/Write QCN,Write Cert}
> Added GT-S5312B {Flashing,ScreenLock,Unlock,IMEI,Read/Write EFS,Read/Write QCN,Write Cert}

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